Monday, May 22, 2017

No new plastic

In a bid to start making a slight difference, it may be small however all the small things add up.. I am trying not to bring any new plastic into the house.

This is for anything. No rubbish bags, no shopping bags, no new utensils, plates, cups, or toys that are plastic.

Which means a few things have changed here.

- I have made some beeswax wraps - which I will blog about later - instead of using cling wrap/glad wrap. We have used this for sandwiches, snacks, and covering cheese or leftovers
- We are all using cotton bags for shopping, which has so far gone well as I am leaving a bag in my handbag so that I always have at least one handy.
- We have made some small bags for fruit and veg so that we do not need to use the small plastic bags, which the kids love using at the markets.
- Instead of putting a plastic bag into the rubbish bin I am putting rubbish straight into the bin and washing it out if needed when it is emptied.
- When I am buying groceries I am paying attention to the amount of packaging in something and if possible going for the loose items without plastic. I am not completely successful with this as I haven't really started making snacks from scratch for the kids for school, but I am hoping this will change down the track.
- I am beginning to ask for no straws with drinks if we do happen to get something whilst we are out.

This does not mean I am throwing away the plastic items I have already. I have given some things away and also sold through a garage sale. What I have I will use until I no longer can and then I will try to re-purpose them, while I replace with non-plastic items.

Small steps, that I hope the kids will begin to think of as second nature and as they go into the world will think about how the things they are using affects the environment.


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