Saturday, July 15, 2017

Back into the swing of things

The University semester has restarted, at the same time as the school term.

This means routine is back. The children are going to school/kindy and I am going to uni. The 2 older children seem to be enjoying being back in the swing of things. The youngest wants more time at home. For me, going back to uni this week has meant talking to more people than I did in the last semester. I have put myself in situations to be able to talk to others in my classes, rather than sitting back and observing. And I feel so much better for it. I feel like there could be some connections that could lead to friendships, which would be great as in my new town I do not have many of those.

Next week is the beginning of my second teaching placement for the year. And I am excited. I am going back to the same school, with a different mentor teacher. I am really looking forward to seeing how another teacher gets organised, teaches and interacts with the students.

Luckily I have my parents in town, who will be helping me with morning and afternoon routines with the older children. This means I can leave early and get to the school at a more appropriate time and organise myself for the day ahead. I am however looking forward to the full days and hard work in the next 3 weeks.

One thing that is getting interesting is the cold. I knew the weather would be cooler in this town, just not as cool as it has been getting! I had to go looking for thicker, warmer jackets to wear as my jumpers were not quite cutting the mustard! And it will get colder, so says people who have been here longer than me.

Trying to stay warm

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