Sunday, July 30, 2017

Feeling Unsafe

Mr 9 has been having problems lately feeling unsafe in his bedroom and waking up scared and afraid in the middle of the night, hearing strange sounds and being worried. This is very unusual and has only been in the last month or so. I have tried to show him how safe his windows are, keeping the blinds closed and have also created a gem pillow in his mattress to add protection. I had also burnt some sage in his room to give him a sense of protection.

This has not quite done the trick. It did help initially, however he has begun to feel unsafe again. Tonight I have burned protection incense under his bed and hung some rosemary on his bed.

I have tried to find out what the cause of this unsafe feeling is by asking gently and without pressure, but all he is willing to say is he doesn't know why he feels scared.

So for now hopefully the rosemary and incense will help, I will also put the gems out to be recharged on the next full moon.

Bright Blessings


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